About Us

About Us

The family company

At first glance, it is tricky to see Sir M as a small family company when we masters so many professions. We have the most of it in house or are in close collaboration to whatever you need.

Me, Markus, am the founder of the company. I have more than 30 years of experience in restoring/customization of classic cars.

Working for almost 30 years as a Mechanical Engineer in aircraft indystry and car industry, as well as for medical equipment and accurate leveling measurement systems has given me a unique width in skills.

My driving force is to improve and I have been into dragracing as well as into strictly original restorations. Now I'm totally into the exciting world of electric cars.

Alfred is not afraid of working either. He is doing mechanical work in the workshop.

"Disassembly, assembly, sleep, repeat"

As a student he drives machines for forestry work.

Åsa is doing more theoretical engineering work such as programmig BMS and engine controller.

When we need stress analysis, everything is in her head. Her many years in space industry really helps Sir M to lift off.

Her skills in project management and troubleshooting is well needed when we have multiple development projects ongoing for future products from Sir M.

She's our Creative Advisor.