" - I love my old classic cars but I do understand that there will be a day when fossil fuels isn't allowed anymore. Maybe not tomorrow but in the future.

Of course we are not going to stop using our beloved classics. We will just change the way to power them. "

Sir M specializes classic cars to be able to drive without fossil fuels. With a 100% electric car you will reduce your footprint on the planet and have fun at the same time. And if you have sun panels on your roof, you drive it for free!

As a customer of Sir M you probably have a dream about a car. Not just any car, but "the car".

A car that gives you that special feeling, a classic car from the 50s, 60s or 70s.

You want to own a car like that but...

  • ...if it was better for the environment.
  • ...if it was more reliable.
  • ...if it won't  smell gasoline and left smoke behind it.
  • ...you don´t like using lead substitute.
  • ...if it won't drip oil at my driveway or in my clean garage.

All those wishes will come true with an electric converted classic car. You just have to choose your favourite car. Don't worry, if you want a pre 50s car we will help you anyway.

We are Dealer for NetGain Motors, Inc., so look at

NetGain website for all products we can deliver from them.


Are you ready to go electric?         Send an email: info@sir-m.com