Electric Conversion

The service we offer at Sir M

Turnkey electric classic cars

Sir M will help you find your dream car and modify it to a 100% electric beauty with everything that you need. We even have some cars available for electric conversion.

Electric conversion of your classic car

We remove the combustion engine and fuel system and replace it with batteries and electric motor etc. We update your brakes and suspension to improve the handling if you want (recommended). 

How we do it:


It's important for us, as well as for many of our customers, to keep the soul of the car. Every decision is a balancing act to make everything flow together with the design of the car. If it's a complete car before the conversion we will make everything possible to build back. The car will keep it's value.


Safety is important when you are dealing with high voltage, so we are using reliable components because it's better to be safe than sorry.

Unique solutions

Every conversion is custom made and the components and installation is an interaction between you as a customer and Sir M. Therefore the pricing will vary a lot from one project to another.


This is individually as we see every car as unique. A guideline is €35000 for a basic conversion. VAT excluded.

Currency changes as well as increasing material costs affect the price, so let us make a quote for each individiual project.


Modifications on the car is outside and will be selectable. You may need a fully dressed engine bay, heater, air condition or custom wheels.