Demo Car

Electric VW Karmann Ghia

A car to drive.

This is our demo car at Sir M. We use it to test different installations of the electric drive components. The car is approved according to the regulations in Sweden, made by SFRO and Transportstyrelsen.

It is a VW Karmann Ghia 1967, available for a test drive, to help you decide if you want to level up to be a happy customer at Sir M. When we start to discuss "your car" we book your test drive.

Modifications on the car:


  • Charge port integrated under the VW badge in the front.
  • Heavy duty sway bars front and rear.
  • Narrowed and height adjustable front beam.
  • Height adjustable rear suspension.
  • Aluminium flywheel.
  • Kennedy clutch.
  • Bluetooth sound system.
  • Smooth steel rims.
  • Damping material for sound deadening.

Components and specifications

  • Electric motor: HPEVS AC-50 Brushless.
  • Controller: Curtis.
  • Cooling system for the controller.
  • Batteries: 5 battery modules from Tesla Model S. Total 26,5 kWh.
  • Driving range: Approx. 150 km.
  • Electric consumption: 1,34 kWh/10km
  • Charger: 2500w 1 phase on board.
  • Driver interface: Dash mounted Battery Monitor.
  • Drive By Wire Throttle System.

  • DC/DC Converter supports the Stock 12 Volt System. 

  • 12 Volt battery under rear seat.
  • Rear battery box is a "slide in" model for three Tesla Model S batteries. Designed in house by Sir M. 
  • Front box is a dual box for two Tesla Model S batteries.
  • Regenerative braking.
  • Standard gear box, so you can shift if you want. Otherwise you drive it just like an automatic on mostly third gear.
  • Reverse switch on the dash board.
  • 12V Heater/defroster
  • Fully dressed engine bay.